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Director:  Tracy Pellegrino

Screenwriter:  Susan Han

D.O.P: Ed Botham,  Tavi Parusel

Genre: comedy

Camera: canon 5d mark iii ; canon 6d


A teenage boy exploits his Korean mother's ignorance by teaching her the wrong words for things.


Hamlet on Rye

Los Angeles

Director:  Tracy Pellegrino

Screenwriters:  Mark Pellegrino, Jeanine Meyers

D.O.P: Nick Acosta

Genre: comedy

Camera: Red - Scarlet 


 A Russian tourist gets caught up in the L.A dog culture in an unexpected way.



Director:  Tracy Pellegrino

Screenwriter:  Tracy Pellegrino & Tess Aziz

D.O.P:  Jochri Michel

Genre: comedy

Camera: Black Magic Pro Camera




Director:  Tracy Pellegrino

Screenwriter:  Tracy Pellegino

D.O.P: Florian Michaelsen

Camera: canon 5d mark iii


An American journalist in Germany must not only overcome language barriers, but also the antagonism between celebrity and paparazzi so that he can connect with a mentally ill rock star.


Director: Tracy Pellegrino

Screenwriter: Vanessa Estes

D.O.P: Baptiste Bianciot, Annie Kaempfer

Camera: canon 5d mark iii ; canon 5d mark ii


A Mexican Samba dancer and a washed up boxer clash on the streets of Brooklyn, challenging each other's sterotypes.


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